Current Creations

Determined: A Clean Regency Sequel

Elisa Clayton tries to make the best of the recent changes in her life. Her mother is happy again. Elisa’s station has definitely improved. And she’s friends with the most generous Baron and his new wife. Wadenhoe House

But the truth is, Elisa is struggling to find her own happiness. She’s left behind her sister and best friend, she feels like a fraud whenever she steps out of the house (and quite often when she’s in it), and she isn’t interested in the life her mother expects her to live. On top of it all, her new step-father looks at her in a way no father should ever look at his daughter.

As Elisa flees to the only place she feels comfortable, she finds Nathan Lundall, a man who appears as desperate for affection as she is for acceptance. He doesn’t mind her social ineptitude and lack of formality. He even opens up a world of theater and acting that provides her the escape she’s been craving. All seems to be perfect. But Elisa can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. She aches to discard the pretenses, to have him know who she really is, but she doesn’t want to lose his acceptance. Then she discovers that Nathan has been playing a game of pretense all his own. Together, their combined lies may mean the end to everything they’ve shared.