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Whew! I just finished five grueling weeks of rewrites and revisions. I practically rewrote my story, adding new chapters and throwing out old, changing character backstory and motivation, and adding some funner elements that were missing before (featured in these photos, although I’m not sure they’ll all make it into the final book). I’m so happy to have finished it–by the deadline, no less! Now I just wait to hear what the editor thinks…. Fingers crossed.

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Writing is a huge process, something I didn’t realize before I began writing my own book. There are months (if not years) of brainstorming and story development, then the actual writing, then revisions and edits. Sometimes there are revisions and edits with your agent before the book is sold to a publisher, following which there are more revisions and edits with the editor at the publisher. A lot of time goes into crafting a good story and making it just right, but what that really translates to is a lot of sacrifice, both on the part of the author and on the part of the author’s family. It’s also an act of creation, which, when one includes God in the process, can make writing and rewriting a very spiritual experience.

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While I wait to hear back from my editor, I’ll be working on writing a new story as well as revisions to one I finished last month. Like going to a regular job every day, writing has to happen every day in order for there to be another book ready when the first one is finished.

All of these stories, all the characters with their own backgrounds and quirks, their own dreams and choices, is so. much. fun. I’m so grateful I found writing, and I’m excited to make it my career.


One thought on “Revisions

  1. I loved your characters, laughed out loud often, and felt immensely satisfied with the beautiful romantic conclusion. Please keep writing in this genre and quickly publish on audible ( I can no longer read for relaxation so have taken to listening )


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