An Intro to Romance

Okay. Rather than not saying anything until I get more news (which should be in August sometime), I thought I’d share some Friday fun with you all.

The genre I’m currently writing in is historical romance–think Jane Austen with updated language and 21st century people traipsing around England in corsets and bonnets. I didn’t discover romance until about 5 years ago, when I read one for a book club. And then I read another for another book club (because who wants to be in only one book club??) And I found they hit a spot inside that other books couldn’t touch.

Mind you, these weren’t the bodice-ripping-Fabio-covered books. They were proper, like Jane Austen would have wanted. And they were unlike anything I’d read before (snooty classic and I have always gotten on very well together).

So I thought I’d try to write one, and I did. Then I wrote another. I took a break and wrote a slightly dark YA (as a break from the lovey-dovey) before writing another romance. After a quick trial run with YA fantasy, I’m working on my fourth romance. It’s so fun. There’s no killing. No meanness. A little mystery. But mostly lots of awkward situations through which two people slowly fall in love. And, hey, I think we could use a little more love in this world, amiright?

If you have questions about writing, publishing, or what to read next, ask away!


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